Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who are you running for?

I came across this touching story on the Ottawa Citizen's 'Citizen Runners Blog':

So....what's your motivation?



  1. 1 - training makes me feel great - body, spirit, and mind - and having a race to look forward to makes training that much better
    2 - racing brings out my competitive spirit, even if it's just to beat myself
    3 - I put my mind to finishing a marathon before I turned 40 and I'm quickly running out of time. And my sister-in-law really believes in me. :)
    4 - I strive to someday have that "hot bod" that Helene speaks of!


  2. Please note that the "hot bod" Helene speaks of is not her own.
    Helene runs to eat. Period.

  3. 1 - Hoping someday to hate it less - as it becomes easier through practice
    2 - Hot bod