Tuesday, April 13, 2010


How much and what kind of food and drink to ingest before, during, and after runs is so important. There are so many choices of types and flavours of fuel it can be daunting and frustrating even as you experiment with what works for you. I'd be interested to hear what different people do for their different distances.

I am a loyal Carb Boom Orange Vanilla gel girl - with water during and then Gatorade G2 after. I have not even tried to eat actual food during my runs - or even Sport Beans for that matter - mostly because I have nowhere to store them!

What are your fuel rituals?

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  1. I am also a big fan of gels on long runs. My favorite is GU Espresso Love with 3x the caffeine. I take roughly 1 for every hour I am out there.

    I also carry 2 water bottles and 2 blue Gatorade bottles on my long runs - only water on shorter runs.

    I recently discovered Cliff Bars (available at Costco) - I love eating them 1 hour before my runs. They're deeeeeee-licious!

    Also, please note that I hate oranges - I would rather run 2 marathons back to back than have to eat orange vanilla gels. I guess that's why they make them in many flavours.