Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Motivation

Throughout your training program, depending on how your day is going and how you’re feeling, you will usually be one of two people:

1 – excited and pumped about running your race

2 – tired of training and wondering why you signed up

Luckily for us with an end of May race, the last 2 months leading up to it bring us much better weather than what we have been used to. Personally, if the sun is shining, it is SO much easier for me to lace up the old sneaks and hit the pavement. When it’s not as nice, I need a little push out of bed some days. Since I am a morning person, if I don’t get it done then, I likely won’t get it done.

I subscribed to this Runner’s World ‘Daily Kick in the Butt’ over a year ago and I look forward to reading it every morning. It comes in while I’m sleeping so it’s always there for me when I wake up. Since I use my iPhone as an alarm clock (when the dog doesn’t wake me first, which is rare), I usually check my email (select ones anyway) before my feet even hit the floor. There have been a few cold mornings during my training schedule that I really thought about sleeping in instead of getting up and going for my run but reading this kick in the butt actually got me up. They aren’t all great but many of them are and I really enjoy reading them every day.

If you’re finding yourself being more the #2 person lately, subscribe to this email, it may help! Here’s the link: