Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good Morning!!!

We all have busy schedules and sometimes it’s tough to fit in a weekday run between work, kids, spouse, friends,… but the way we make it work is to put it in our schedule and stick to it. I love the mornings so it is great for me to be able to do my runs in the morning. I consider it my “me” time, before everyone else gets to “get me”. I know not everyone shares my love for getting out of bed at 4:45am (and really, it’s only one extra hour, and you don’t have to miss that extra hour of sleep, just tack it on at night and hit the sack an hour earlier – that’s why DVRs were invented!) but there are a lot of benefits to “get it done” in the morning. Here are my top ten reasons for doing my weekday runs in the morning:

10. That awesome feeling of fresh crisp morning air in my lungs
9. There is little to no traffic on the streets (but quite a few runners!)
8. I have more energy early morning than later in the day
7. There is nothing in my belly that can give me cramps or stitches
6. It kicks starts my metabolism for the day and I burn more calories sitting at my desk
5. No stress of needing to fit my run in when unexpected things come up during the day
4. All my races are in the morning so I’m always simulating race day in a way
3. No guilt about eating a little something extra that day
2. I can relax and enjoy my evenings
1. The days I run in the morning I always feel better about myself than the days I don’t

I won’t mention the downsides like breaking the morning cobwebs with your face and still having a sweat on hours later at your desk because you had a George Costanza shower that “didn’t take”… :)

For those non-believers – try it for a week, you just may find that you like it!

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