Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feet First

As May 30th is only two months away and our weekly mileage is starting to get up there, it is important to think now about the shoes you will wear on race day. Depending on your shoe routine, this may mean breaking in a new pair before the race, or being in a good spot in your shoe rotation come race day. As important as having chafe stick or good tasting gels or your favourite tunes are, nothing is as crucial on race day as what is on your feet.

It would be interesting to hear what everyone is doing on this subject because it is all so personal. Me, I always have 2 pairs of the same shoes and I rotate them the weeks leading up to the race – using one pair for my weekday runs and the other for my long runs – this way they wear about the same amount, the long run pair will wear slightly slower than the others since my long runs are less than half of my weekly mileage, so my long run pair will be the pair I race in. I will be buying my new pairs soon and start breaking them in sometime mid-April.

I have found a great pair of shoes for me, but everyone is different depending on personal preference and structure of their feet so I won’t even try to sell my shoes, but I will put a plug in for my fave socks! I buy Thor-Lo brand which cost double or more what most other running socks do, but in the grand scheme of things, I believe it is $25 extremely well spent as I have not had blisters in years, since I started wearing them. Of course I have only to this point done halfs (halves?!), we’ll see if that holds up this summer as I train for my first marathon…

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  1. Here's a tip if you WANT blisters.

    Wear brand new shoes on a long run.